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Where we work

PBI currently provides protective accompaniment in five countries, and collaborates in Indonesia and Nepal with local organisations to protect human rights defenders.
PBI currently provides protective accompaniment in five countries, and collaborates in Indonesia and Nepal with local organisations to protect human rights defenders.

PBI currently works in four countries. Below is a brief description of each. To find out what's going on in each of PBI's field projects please click on the titles below to be taken to that project's website.

PBI in Colombia

PBI is one of numerous international entities working in Colombia to seek respect for human rights and negotiate nonviolent resolutions to Colombian conflicts.

PBI Colombia has four sub-teams that provide protection for NGOs, individuals and communities in Barrancabermeja and the Magadalena Medio, Bogotá, Urabá, and Medellín.

Protective accompaniment in Colombia can take many forms. When the threat is high, accompaniment is provided round the clock. Volunteers stay with threatened communities or accompany activists when they travel. The Colombian conflict is complex and interrelated, so keeping up-to-date with the evolution of conflict and distributing information is central to PBI’s work.

PBI in Guatemala

Military dictatorships and internal wars in Guatemala have made it very difficult for social groups or human rights activists to carry out their work. The situation is complex and demand for protective accompaniment in Guatemala is high. To help provide focus for the projects, PBI Guatemala has identified three fundamental medium-term themes: The fight against impunity, Access to land, Globalisation and human rights.

PBI in Honduras

Since the coup d’état took place in Honduras on 28 June 2009, PBI has followed with growing concern the serious deterioration of the space in which organisations, communities and human rights defenders can defend human rights in the country.

In response to a request for international accompaniment from the National Human Rights Platform of Honduras (Plataforma de Derechos Humanos de Honduras), PBI made two visit to the country in 2011 and 2012 to verify the human rights situation. After meeting with journalists, judges, workers from human rights organisations, indigenous and small-farmers movements, women’s organisations and trade unions, PBI published a report on the situation for human rights defenders in Honduras. The PBI Honduras protective accompaniment project opened in the country in 2013.

PBI in Kenya

In 2013, PBI deployed a team of international volunteers in Kenya following extensive field and desk-based research into the human rights situation in the country and the related needs of human rights defenders. PBI has since endeavoured to establish the legal and administrative structures of the project, while conducting ongoing research into the human rights situation and the challenges faced by human rights defenders as well as exploring ways of supporting HRDs in their work. Since 2015 PBI Kenya has focused its work on protective accompaniment and capacity building for HRDs from Mathare, an informal settlement in Nairobi. Where appropriate PBI also links grassroots HRDs with actors from the international community as well as civil society organisations, with a view to broaden HRDs networks and thereby increase their working space and level of protection.

PBI in Mexico

PBI has accompaniments in Mexico City, Oaxaca, Guerrero, Chihuahua and Coahuila. The project focuses on accompanying indigenous communities and environmental activists countering the impact of militarisation. Fighting impunity, upholding and strengthening indigenous rights, empowering women and exposing environmental abuses are major themes from the PBI Mexico project.

PBI in Nepal

PBI opened its Nepal Project in 2006. After a strategic review of PBI’s work in Nepal, involving extensive consultations with human rights defenders and the international community in Nepal, the project closed in 2012.

However, Nepal is still experiencing political violence, instability, poverty, inequality and economic and energy crises. Therefore we developed the Nepal Monitor, a website that maps and forwards human rights and security reports to human rights defenders located close to where the incidents happen, and allows them to submit reports through e-mail and text message. Nepal Monitor is now run by local organisation COCAP, supported by PBI

PBI in Indonesia

From 1999-2011, Peace Brigades International provided protective accompaniment and participatory peace education to human rights defenders in Papua, Aceh, Flores, West Timor and Jakarta. Following extended discussions with civil society organizations and other stakeholders, PBI began a new Indonesia Project in 2014. The project aims to promote human rights in Indonesia through strengthening the capacities of Human Rights Defenders in remote areas, with a focus on their ability to document human rights abuses, advocate to the Indonesian government and internationally, and build their personal security and protection networks. PBI Indonesia collaborates with ELSAM (Institute of Policy Research and Advocacy) to conduct extended trainings for Human Rights Defenders, who are strengthening their skills through a combination of classroom activities, building advocacy and protection networks at the national level, and conducting field research.

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