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What we do

Accompanyment on a demonstartion in Jakarta
Accompanyment on a demonstartion in Jakarta

PBI Australia, one of many PBI country groups, provides support to international field projects in Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico and Nepal. Some of the ways we do this are listed below:

Encourage civil society to bear witness as human rights observers

Every year, PBI’s country groups recruit, train and send 80 protective accompaniment volunteers into the field. The PBI volunteers come from all over the world and act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the global community. Their presence, physically and symbolically, sends the message that the international community will not accept human rights violations or abuses. It is through this strategy of accompaniment and observation, that PBI literally saves lives.

Train volunteers

PBI Australia runs orientation sessions to introduce people to PBI, its principles and protective accompaniment strategy. This is an important starting point for volunteers interested in applying to Projects, or getting involved with the Country Group. See our Events pages for details of upcoming Info sessions

Raise funds

PBI Australia works to raise funds from various sources, such as independent foundations and the general public. We work in partnership with the PBI International Fundraising Committee, Project Coordinators, the PBI Australia Committee and volunteers to raise funds for PBI’s International projects. If you wish to donate online please click here.

Raise the profile of PBI and the groups that we accompany

PBI Australia focuses on increasing the awareness and understanding within the Australian community of human rights laws, peace-building and nonviolent conflict resolution. We seek to build partnerships and collaborate with organisations operating in the legal community, in universities, in the ethical commercial world, religious groups and others.

PBI Australia utilises, alerts and responds to enquiries from a variety of media organisations and individuals, independent journalists and media workers. PBI Australia recognises the potential of media in furthering the aims and objectives of PBI, and its ability to raise international awareness and understanding of the political and human rights situations of countries and regions.

Build a support network

PBI field volunteers are walking symbols of international support for human rights. Their presence sends the message that the international community will not accept human rights violations or abuses. Field volunteers are backed up by a network of PBI members, MPs and representatives from the legal sector.  Through our Political Support Network (PSN) we mobilise the Australian community in times of crisis to exert immediate international pressure. Subscribe to e-Newsletter to be informed of vital Emergency Response Alerts

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"What stands out most so far from my time with PBI is the commitment of so many Nepali Human Right Defenders. Their willingness to keep struggling for justice despite so many obstacles and very few rewards really is a constant inspiration."

Daniel Quinlan, Australian volunteer in Nepal 2010

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